Kathryn Jones is an exceptional graphic artist. I have worked with her for more than four years, and she can do anything! She has designed a new logo for our company, revised on our company brochure and improved it greatly, created marketing materials and internal documentation forms for legal matters. She can take an idea and run with it, quickly producing a design that completely communicates your message effectively and attractively. Other designers have solicited us for work, and I have sometimes allowed an unknown designer to work on a project, but I always end up giving the work to Kathryn to fix – she is truly gifted.”
—Lynn Gabay, Advanced Wellness Centre

“Kathryn worked on content management, research, editing and creation for a site as a sub contractor for me in 2007. She learns different interfaces for the online management tools efficiently and creates and edits content that is relevant, creative and interesting.
—Rebecca Parks, Metal Multimedia

“Kathryn has designed multiple promotional pieces for my business, Core Pilates of Richmond. Her ability to design and add creativity to my jobs has been wonderful. Furthermore, Kathryn has an excellent eye for grammar, proofreading and general sentence structure. I have found this skill particularly helpful since I do all of the writing for my own pieces and welcome a strategic eye to help me refine a concept or fact. Lastly, Kathryn has been responsive to the deadlines I have requested of her. She understands the pacing that is necessary to deliver a job on time. It is my intention to continue using Kathryn as a graphic designer for her work has been consistently something I have appreciated and respected.”
—Karen Roodman, Core Pilates of Richmond

“Kathryn and I worked together as a team in Richmond Redevelopment’s Communications Department from 1998 to 2002. She is a talented graphic artist who is thorough and detail-oriented. She is consistently faithful to her concern for the highest quality while she is able to meet deadlines. She is simultaneously aesthetically inclined, highly skilled with computers, and eager to master the new and challenging. Kathryn was also a great help to me as a writer. She is thoughtful and literate and an excellent editor and proofreader. I enjoyed working with Kathryn above all because she is the rare person who does not bring ego into the workplace. She is open minded and able to work collaboratively, bestowing praise generously while respectfully and gracefully considering the contributions of others. I highly recommend Kathryn’s services.”
—Laura Medinas, Sr. Legal Editor, U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims